Smart Home

The best way to create the perfect Smart Home is to introduce a central controller into the mix. This controller communicates with all of the individual sub systems and brings them together into a single, easy to use interface.  

One of the most user friendly ways to control your Smart Home is with intelligent touch panels. At the touch or your finger you have complete control of your lighting, heating, security, entertainment systems and much more. With advanced Facial Recognition, the system knows who the user is and adjusts the interface to their custom menu screens and options. There is no need to mess around and remember your password to play your favourite songs. The ability to set parental controls is a great feature to take away control of the security systems and the heating system from the children.

Our Smart Touch Panels also have the ability to use integrated voice control if desired.  Change the song in the room or set the lighting mood with the ease of a single command “Alexa, Movie Time”.

If you prefer to use a hand held remote, we can bring all of these features into a single whole home remote to allow you full control of all of your systems. With two different elegant remote control options, it’s easier than ever to manage your smart home.


Smart Lighting

With Smart Lighting , we can bring your lighting at home to life. Create the most amazing atmosphere in your house by introducing and automated lighting control system. Allow the system to change LED colours, dim ceiling lights, turn lamps on and off and group these together to create lighting scenes depending on your mood and tasks.   From a ‘cooking’ scene with all lights set to 100% brightness to a ‘dining’ scene with lights dimmed to a more relaxed level for entertaining, the possibilities are endless.   With wireless and wired options this system is perfect for new builds or retrofitting in your existing home. There is no need to change your existing light fixtures. We can automate what you have and add as much as you want to ensure that you get the most out of what you have.   There are various ways to control your Smart Lighting. We can introduce scene control switches. These allow you to toggle between lighting scenes with the touch of a single button. We can also use the Smart Touch Panels ore even voice control to make it even easier to set the mood at home. All of our solutions also allow you to control your lighting remotely using your smartphones or tablets. It has never been easier.

Blind & Curtain Control

What better way to wake up in the morning than with the blinds slowly opening to reveal the morning sunlight and amazing view from your bedroom window?  Opening blackout blinds half way at 7am to gently wake you up in the morning, or programming them to open later at the weekends, with fully automated blind and curtain control we make bedtime and wakeup routines smoother. We can set time schedules to ensure that the blinds open and close depending on the time of day. We can also set them to react to the weather outside to improve heating/shading in the house. This can help save money on heating and cooling systems and allow the natural elements to do this for you. A great feature that we can introduce is presence simulation. While you are on holiday, we can have the blinds randomly open and close at various times of the day to give the idea that somebody is at home. We can also bring the lighting into this scenario to really make it look as if the house is occupied.  

We have a full selection of blinds and curtain samples in our showroom.

Multi-Media Rooms

Listen to your favourite music in the shower or in every room in the house with our Multi-Room Audio Systems. We can install discreet but highly powerful in-ceiling speakers into your main living room at home that can be played individually or paired together to allow for the most amazing system for entertaining guests. We bring your favourite music services such as Spotify and Apple music to every room in the house with our advanced media streaming amplifiers.

Media rooms with surround sound bringing your movie nights/favourite film series to another level. We create the most immersive viewing experiences with 4K screens and Dolby Atmos surround sound systems to ensure that you get the most out of your movies. With sharp high tones and deep bass we ensure that you enjoy your films as if you were in the studio while they were producing them.

Voice Control

If voice control is something that interests you, we can introduce a voice control service such as an Amazon Echo “Alexa” or Google Home “Hey Google” interface.

These will allow you to create the most amazing forms of automation in your home. “Alexa Movie Time”, this will dim the lights, lower the blinds, turn on the TV/Projector, set the music system to the optimum level, increase the heating slightly and allow you to sit back and enjoy the movie.

“Hey Google, its bed time”, All lights (apart from the stairwell) dim to off, the automated door locks lock themselves, the alarm system arms itself and the music in all the rooms turn off. Go to bed feeling safe knowing that your family and home is being protected by the most up to date notification technology on the market. Sweet dreams.

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